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CRM hosting plans include free setup.  Free instant application install! CRM Hosting Plans starting at $9.99/month for 2 year plan!  Free Domain ($14.95 value) with 6 month or greater term.  Free subdomain available with any term.  No term contract.  Free automatic off site backups.  Local backups available through cPanel.  Data is always available through cPanel control panel.

Our hosting solution is very appropriate for hosted CRM.  From the automated CRM application install to the free automatic off site daily backups.  The CRM front end - whatever one you choose - is just the interface to view, update, insert, edit and manage data. The data is the important part, that is why daily backups are so critical. If your data is compromised in some way, we can restore from the last daily backup.

We limit the number of hosting accounts on each server to maintain good server response. If you or your employees are depending on the CRM to complete work day tasks, the last thing you want, is to wait for the CRM page to load. Try our live SugarCRM demo or vtiger CRM Demo (user:admin pass:demo) to see how responsive your new CRM can be.

If you need a longer term test, we offer a no obligation 7 day free trial of all the CRM applications that we host. With automatic instant install, you can be using your own CRM installation in about a minute. All the data and settings will transfer when you upgrade from the free trial.

We back it all up with a 30 day money back guarantee!

SugarCRM Hosting

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CRM - Customer Relationship Management solutions are a technology which allow companies to interact with hundreds and thousands of clients in the same manner which we could fifty years ago. By that we refer to the relationship the local grocer, or restaurateur had with his/her clients - a personal one to one relationship - where he/she remembers your name, your likes and dislikes and in the same analogy, when you'll need to buy new groceries. The process is designed to help sales managers, anticipate and support the future needs of customers while allowing the organization to build a marketing strategy using up to date information about their customers, sales channels and pipeline and current customer facing issues. Through its web based interface it allows geographically dispersed sales and marketing teams to manage the customer experience and interaction by tracking contacts, accounts, sales opportunities, activities, notes, tasks and more.

What is SugarCRM

Leading open source customer relation management application

SugarCRM team access

SugarCRM Community Edition (CE) evolves beyond a stand-alone contact management tool. Connect your entire team and provide shared access to critical customer information. Team members can access SugarCRM from any Internet-Connected computer, instantly connecting them to the rest of your sales and marketing team.

SugarCRM team collaboration

SugarCRM is a great way for sales teams to easily collaborate and manage sales opportunities and customer relationships. With an intuitive interface and complete set of functions, it allows for a shared view of Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities and Reporting Tools. SugarCRM also features, meeting scheduler as well as call and email tracking.

SugarCRM Hosting 

  • Need a hosted CRM application?
  • Have a mobile sales force?
  • Outsourcing your call center?
  • Integrating sales and service reps?

SugarCRM will provide

  • Real time access to accurate data
  • Enable real time reporting process
  • Manage teams and activities
  • Accelerate sales initiatives
  • Monitor sales cycle progression
  • Measure call center performance

CRM for sales managers

  • Provide your sales team with one point of access to data and tools
  • Dashboard view of your sales teams performance and pipeline
  • Manage sales cycles
  • Determine effectiveness of campaigns and lead sources
  • Gain valuable knowledge into customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Assign tasks, cases and opportunities to specific team members

CRM features for sales reps

  • Profile your Accounts and Contacts
  • Manage opportunities and sales stages
  • Schedule meetings and notes
  • Track activities, cases, and files
  • Track calls and emails
  • View your performance

Features and benefits

  • Instant setup
  • Instant connectivity
  • Rapid deployment
  • Shared customer management
  • Real-time access
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Opportunity management
  • Easily manage and track
  • Evaluate and improve strategies
  • Increase pipeline velocity
  • Increase revenue gain
  • Real-time insight into sales performance
  • Reporting tools
  • Real-time dashboard view of your performance

Data imports*

  • Import your existing customer database
  • Import sales leads into SugarCRM
  • Import from Act or Sales Force
  • Import from spread sheets


Free basic support, Web, email, phone. Fraction of the cost of other CRM solutions.

* Data imports are optional and may involve additional fees

High quality SugarCRM hosting

  • Daily Backup of files and Database to off site data center
  • Fast servers - see server response in our live demo (user: admin pass:demo)
  • Excellent hosting and application support
  • World class data center
  • Redundant internet connections
  • 99.9% server up time
  • Servers optimized for SugarCRM hosting


Click the orange button to Sign up for SugarCRM Hosting now, and be using SugarCRM in minutes.

Additional Info

  • Instant Install: Yes
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes, Data will transfer to paid subscription.
  • Daily Off Site Backups: Yes, automatic.
  • cPanel Control Panel: Yes, full access to files and DB
  • Email Campaign Support: Yes
  • Server Uptime: 99.9%
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