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Wednesday, 06 August 2014 19:52

SuiteCRM Hosting


CRM - Customer Relationship Management solutions are a technology which allow companies to interact with hundreds and thousands of clients in the same manner which we could fifty years ago. By that we refer to the relationship the local grocer, or restaurateur had with his/her clients - a personal one to one relationship - where he/she remembers your name, your likes and dislikes and in the same analogy, when you'll need to buy new groceries. The process is designed to help sales managers, anticipate and support the future needs of customers while allowing the organization to build a marketing strategy using up to date information about their customers, sales channels and pipeline and current customer facing issues. Through its web based interface it allows geographically dispersed sales and marketing teams to manage the customer experience and interaction by tracking contacts, accounts, sales opportunities, activities, notes, tasks and more.


What is SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM comprises the latest release of SugarCRM Community Edition as the foundation of the application suite. SalesAgility has developed reporting, workflow, quotes, products, security and portal extensions that enable SuiteCRM to deliver the functionality that was previously only found in the proprietary, paid-for editions of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM also includes new functionality for event management and mapping that is not available in SugarCRM.

SuiteCRM is completely open source with a traditional foundation governance model to ensure best practice support, development and contribution management. SuiteCRM is free to download, modify and distribute. SuiteCRM also provides an open source alternative to CRM applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.


SuiteCRM usabilty can be enhanced even more by using standard SugarCRM addon modules available at


Our high quality SuiteCRM hosting includes:

  • Daily Backup of files and Database to off site data center
  • Fast servers - see server response in our live demo (user: admin pass:demo)
  • Excellent hosting and application support
  • World class data center
  • Redundant internet connections
  • 99.9% server up time

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